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Parents, teachers and colleagues who are interested in my work with young people will find these resources useful. The articles and presentations all relate to the development of strategies to support the mental health of adolescents.

Early Adolescence

An article for parents and teachers on the developmental characteristics of Early Adolescence, 11-14 years of age.

What a Shame! Self-Harm in Adolescence

A workshop presentation I give to parents and teachers in schools. It explores one of the most hidden and misunderstood symptoms of distress in young people.

Counselling for Young People from Privileged Environments (CYPPE)

In February 2016, I organised the first annual conference of CYPPE which was held at the University of Surrey in Guildford. The conference brought together school counsellors and other mental health and pastoral care professionals to explore the effects of wealth and privilege on the psychological development of young people. You may see my three presentations (Privileged Young People, Parents, and Schools), access information from discussions with delegates, and learn more about the CYPPE Conference 2017 here.

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