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Adolescent Therapy

When a young person is unhappy or struggling with their sense of direction or relationships, we explore together to find the reasons for their distress, and I teach them to be more mindful of their thoughts and feelings so they can respond more effectively to the twists and turns of life. We explore strategies for conflict resolution and practice different communication styles so the young person can fulfil their own needs while also hearing what others are trying to say to them.

Together we define and refine the young person's goals and values, personality traits, and strengths so they can find their own individual direction while still acknowledging their need to participate in family life, their school and their social

world. We deal with the root causes of depression, anger or anxiety and explore core issues of identity, such as emotions, sexuality, body image, friendship and love. I help my young clients to develop effective strategies for dealing with all types of difficult relationships and emotional situations so they can move through life as happier individuals.

Family Therapy

Depending on the young person's needs, I sometimes also work with their family in order to understand what is required of them in their family system. I explain to parents what they can expect from their child during the adolescent stage of development, and I help them to define and explore their expectations of their child in the light of their own family histories.

Skills learned by each member of the family during family therapy sessions help to increase the effectiveness of the whole family's communication and understanding of each other. Sometimes this necessitates working individually with each member for short periods of time, or together in one-to-one sessions with a young person.

Individual sessions with my client are totally confidential so family therapy sessions are offered only if the young person feels they are appropriate. This means that anything and everything can be brought out into the open to be explored during safe, individual sessions within my consulting room. As a result, the young person is able to grow in their understanding of themselves and others, and is able to change their own behaviour to reflect their new found wisdom and maturity.

Adult Therapy

I also provide therapy for individual adults and couples. I have extensive training and a wealth of experience in many different types of psychotherapy and counselling and use these skills to provide an enlightening and productive therapeutic experience. I believe I communicate complicated psychological issues clearly and I try to demystify the purpose and methods of therapy so my clients can make informed decisions about their own care within an atmosphere of collaboration, creativity and respect.

Please have a look at the psychotherapeutic methods I employ and my contract and fees.

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